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  • Are you a university instructor or K-12 teacher interested in introducing your students to medieval and Renaissance manuscript? We are now scheduling Virtual Classroom Visits for the 2022-2023 year. More information here or fill in our request form here. Spots are limited so don’t wait!
  • The Fall 2021 issue (Vol. 6.2) of Manuscript Studies is out! Click here for Abstracts and Full-Text content (via Project Muse, by subscription)
  • Join us every Wednesday at 12:00PM EDT / 5pm BST for Coffee with a Codex (via Zoom; registration required)
  • VCEditor, a tool for modeling and visualizing manuscript collations, has launched! To get started using it, see the How to Page and project Wiki
  • The editors of Manuscript Studies are currently seeking submissions for 2023 and beyond: more information is available here

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Fifty-Two Discoveries from the Bibliotheca Philadelphiensis Project