Manuscript Monday: LJS 174 – Alphonsine Tables

Dot Porter, Curator, Digital Research Services at the University of Pennsylvania Library, offers a video orientation to Penn Library’s LJS 174, Alphonsine Tables. This manuscript was written in Prague, 1401-1404, in Latin, and it is a a full set of Alphonsine Tables (including tables for mean motions, conjunctions of sun and moon, equation of time, spherical astronomy, longitudes and latitudes of cities, star tables, eclipse tables). The manuscript also includes works about the Alphonsine Tables, such as canons to the Alphonsine Tables by the 14th-century astronomers John of Saxony, Jean de Lignières (also known as Johannes de Lineriis) and Henricus Selder, and an unattributed explanation of corrections made to the tables for use in Prague, accompanied by a few paragraphs on weather prediction by the Baghdad-born Jewish astronomer and astrologer Māshāʼallāh, who died in the 9th century.

See the full online facsimile of this work in Penn in Hand.


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