Manuscript Monday: LJS 55 – L’image del monde

Dot Porter, Curator, Digital Research Services at the University of Pennsylvania Library, offers a video orientation to Penn Library’s LJS 55, L’image del monde. This manuscript was written in France, ca. 1290, in Middle French, and it is the earliest extant copy of the prose version of Gautier’s encyclopedic treatise discussing cosmology, astronomy, meteorology, geography, natural science, and religion. This work is followed by 3 others: the Elucidarius, a dogmatic explanation of Catholic doctrine in the form of a dialogue between a schoolmaster and pupil; the Moralites (des philosophes); and a brief unidentified obstetrical text, perhaps based on De secretis mulierum, attributed to Albertus Magnus.

See the full online facsimile of this work in Penn in Hand.


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