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“Moeurs et coutumes des gentils a` la Côte Coromandel”and other manuscripts, now on OPenn

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Here is a list of some recent additions to OPenn from December 7, 2016 – January 3, 2017.

(Shelfmark, Title, Date uploaded, Link to OPenn).

19 Items

Univ. of Penn Books & Manuscripts


Fol. 1r., Ms. Codex 1010, *Moeurs et coutumes des gentils à la Côte Coromandel,* December 8, 2016,


Fol. 1r., Ms. Codex 416, * Relatione di Francia,* December 12, 2016,



Fol. 4r., Ms. Codex 388, *Account book and recipe book,* December 12, 2016,



Fol. 1r., Ms. Codex 444, *Il giardino delle muse,* December 12, 2016,



I recto, Ms. Codex 387, *Relatione istorica de costumi, forze, e governo civile della Germania, e dell’Italia,* December 12, 2016,



Fol. 1r., Ms. Coll. 390, Item 2491, *Gajendramokṣaṇa,* December 12, 2016,



Fol. 1r., Ms. Codex 1259, *In octo Aristotelis libros de phisico auditu disputationes,* December 14, 2016,



Fol. 1r., Ms. Codex 626, *Recipe book,* December 14, 2016,



Fol. 1v-2r., Ms. Coll. 390, Item 1937, *Jaiminīyanyāyamālāvistara,* December 14, 2016,



Fol. 1v-2r., Ms. Coll. 390, Item 1938, *Jaiminīyanyāyamālāvistara,* December 14, 2016,



Vi., Ms. Codex 219, *A state of the revenue of excise from Michaelmas 1662 to Midsummer 1674 (-1765),* December 20, 2016,



Iii., Ms. Codex 627, *The delights for ladys,* December 20, 2016,



Fol. 19r., Ms. Codex 528, *Pharmacopoeia,* December 21, 2016,



I recto., Ms. Codex 553, *Lettere scritte da monsignor Zacchia nella sua nuntiatura di venetia al signore Cardinal Ludovisio nipote di Papa Gregorio XV dal mese di Luglio, fino à x’mbre dell’anno 1621,* December 22, 2016,



Fol. 11r., Ms. Codex 556, *Italian historical miscellany,* December 22, 2016,



1., Ms. Codex 646, *Theologia rationalis,* December 22, 2016,



Fol. 1r., Ms. Codex 1556, *Modus tenendi parliamentum apud Anglos,* December 23, 2016,


Fol. 1r., Ms. Codex 548, *Istoria di Firenze,* January 3, 2017,



Fol. 1r., Ms. Codex 629, *Booke of recepts,* January 3, 2017,


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