2022-2023 SIMS Graduate Student Fellow

SIMS is pleased to announce the 2022-2023 Graduate Student Fellowship recipient:

Joseph Nicolello, Temple University

Joseph Nicolello received his M.A. in English at Fordham University, has been a doctoral fellow researching blind language in early modern literature at UCLA and the College of Physicians’ Mutter Museum, and is a doctoral candidate at Temple University. Nicolello’s project at Penn examines John Milton’s Roman sojourns (1638–39) from the point of view of typological, pictorial thinking, intertextuality, and how these premodern textual and visual elements are resurrected in manuscripts of the period in conjunction with recent achievements in the digital humanities concerning Rome in the Renaissance as well as Milton Studies.

Nicolello is also a poet and the author of several books, including a Künstlerroman (3 volumes, 2021, an “oratorio of prose”), a platonic dialogue concerning Thomism and medieval philosophy in the literary theory of Flannery O’Connor (2021), and a quartet of novellas based on the four seasons in New York City. Joseph’s works are available in most Philadelphia bookstores.