Manuscript Monday: Ms. Codex 1631 – Ostfriesland history

Dot Porter, Curator, Digital Research Services at the University of Pennsylvania Library, offers a video orientation to Penn Library’s Ms. Codex 1631, a collection of printed and manuscript works concerning the history of Ostfriesland, primarily copies of official documents. It was compiled by Carl Oldenhove (Latinized form Carolus in inscription), Aurich, Germany, after 1718.

A table of contents listing both printed and manuscript items, probably in the same hand as most of the manuscript items, is at the front of the volume (f. iii verso). The manuscript items concern the balance of power in Ostfriesland, with consideration of the court (Hofgericht), chancellery (Cantzleij), estates (whose owners were the leaders of the Landtag), and the sovereign (the prince Georg Albrecht or the princess and guardian Christina Charlotte, depending on the date of the document). These complement the printed items, which have similar concerns but also document the privileges granted to the Frisians by the Holy Roman Emperors. The writer of the 1910 inscription about C. Oldenhove (f. 464r) also added several pages of notes on Frisian history at the end of the volume in Latin, with citations from scholarly or official sources (f. 456r-463v).

Video orientation to Ms. Codex 1631

You can read the complete record for this document (and find links to digitized copies) on Franklin. You can also download a copy of this video from ScholarlyCommons, the University of Pennsylvania’s open access institutional repository.

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