Manuscript Monday: Ms. Codex 1655- Adversariorum pars prima. (Video Orientation)

Dot Porter, Curator, Digital Research Services at the University of Pennsylvania Library, presents a video orientation to Ms. Codex 1655, a collection of excerpts and notes in Portugese, largely medical and scientific, drawn both from professional publications and from works of more general interest including works of natural history and expedition accounts. The books and journals used as sources are extremely varied: dated throughout the 18th century with a few references to earlier works and many citations to contemporary publications; written in multiple languages, most frequently Latin, French, and English; and published in Paris, Rouen, Amsterdam, Delft, Leiden, London, Edinburgh, Vienna, Madrid, Lisbon, and even in one case in Philadelphia (Transactions of the American Philosophical Society, 1771, p. 1).

Video orientation to Ms. Codex 1655

You can read the complete record for this document (and find links to digitized copies) on Franklin. You can also download a copy of this video from ScholarlyCommons, the University of Pennsylvania’s open access institutional repository.

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