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OPenn: New Additions

Here is a list of the most recent additions to OPenn from Feb. 20-Feb. 26, 2016.

(Shelfmark, Title, Date uploaded, Link to OPenn):

Univ. of Penn Books & Manuscripts – 90 items


Side 1, Misc. Mss. 13, *Legal document,* February 20, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Misc. Mss. 17, *Manresa legal documents,* February 20, 2016,



Side 1, Misc. Mss. 22, *Note on land transaction,* February 20, 2016,



Side 1, Misc. Mss. 25, *Tax table,* February 20, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Misc. Mss. 27, *Marriage document,* February 20, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Misc. Mss. 28, *Property transaction,* February 20, 2016,



Side 1, Misc. Mss. 30, *Nota di regali fatti a nostro signore Papa Innocenzo XII nel viaggio di Civitavecchia,* February 20, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Misc Mss (Large) Box 2 Folder 23, Three leaves (six pages) from a letter copy book by an anonymous author. The letters to an absentee plantation owner, Mr. Campbell, concern account books, sales of sugar and rum, condition of crops, and the mills, February 20, 2016,



Side 1, Misc. Mss. (Large) Box 1 Folder 24, Paper bifolium (4 pages) from a Coptic liturgical book, perhaps a lectionary, February 20, 2016,



Fol. 2r, Ms. Codex 185, *Compendio geografico y breve descrcion sic del mundo,* February 20, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 190, *Opusculos varios,* February 20, 2016,



Fol. 43v, Ms. Codex 241, *Miscellany of religious works,* February 21, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 466, *Lettere scritte a Pier Francesco Portinari della republica fiorentina quando era suo ambasciatore a Siena l’anno 1529,* February 21, 2016,



Fol. 2r, Ms. Codex 468, *Handbook of commercial arithmetic,* February 21, 2016,



Fol. 4r, Ms. Codex 47, *Considerationi … sopra la vita di Giulio Agricola, scritta da Caio Cornelio Tacito,* February 21, 2016,



P. 3 (V.1), Ms. Codex 470, *Indice di materie dell’Archivio della stamperia camerale,* February 21, 2016,



Fol. 4r, Ms. Codex 503, *Universalis alchymiae compendium,* February 21, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 505, *Secreta des Doctr. Krugs,* February 21, 2016,



P. viii, Ms. Codex 506, *Der tritte Theil zur Aurea Catena,* February 21, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 508, *Alchemical treatise,* February 21, 2016,



Wrapper, front cover, Ms. Codex 51, *Statuta terrae Soncini,* February 21, 2016,



Item 1, Side 1, Ms. Coll. 764, Item 111, *Sandra de Bascoli power of attorney,* February 21, 2016,



Item 1, Side 1, Ms. Coll. 764, Item 112, *Francesca Massi power of attorney,* February 21, 2016,



Item 1, Side 1, Ms. Coll. 764, Item 113, *Luigi de Covoni power of attorney,* February 21, 2016,



Item 1, Side 1, Ms. Coll. 764, Item 114, *Michele Chiari power of attorney,* February 21, 2016,



Item 1, Side 1, Ms. Coll. 764, Item 115, *Mattea Petrini power of attorney,* February 21, 2016,



Item 1, Side 1, Ms. Coll. 764, Item 116a, *Domenico Duti power of attorney,* February 21, 2016,



Item 1, Side 1, Ms. Coll. 764, Item 116b, *Ciulla Casini power of attorney,* February 21, 2016,



Item 1, Side 1, Ms. Coll. 764, Item 125, *Signoria order,* February 21, 2016,



Side 1, Ms. Coll. 764, Item 126, *Payment receipt,* February 21, 2016,



Side 1, Ms. Coll. 764, Item 128, *Lodovico Bandinelli dowry receipt,* February 21, 2016,



Item 1, Side 1, Ms. Coll. 764, Item 130, *Checca Serotini power of attorney,* February 21, 2016,



Side 1, Ms. Coll. 764, Item 133, *Davanzato di Fagno power of attorney,* February 21, 2016,



Item 1, Side 1, Ms. Coll. 764, Item 135, *Lena Risaliti power of attorney,* February 21, 2016,



Item 1, Side 1, Ms. Coll. 764, Item 63, *Cecco di Nardo deed,* February 21, 2016,



Item 1, Side 1, Ms. Coll. 764, Item 64, *Michele di Fidanza power of attorney,* February 21, 2016,



Side 1, Ms. Coll. 764, Item 65, *Guglielmo Maro power of attorney,* February 21, 2016,



Side 1, Ms. Coll. 764, Item 66, *Michele di Fidanza power of attorney,* February 21, 2016,



Item 1, Side 1, Ms. Coll. 764, Item 67, *Appointment of mediators,* February 21, 2016,



Item 1, Side 1, Ms. Coll. 764, Item 68, *Appointment of legal representatives,* February 21, 2016,



Item 1, Side 1, Ms. Coll. 764, Item 69, *Domenico di Bardo power of attorney,* February 21, 2016,



Item 1, Side 1, Ms. Coll. 764, Item 70, *Cenni Pagliaiolo power of attorney,* February 21, 2016,



Item 1, Side 1, Ms. Coll. 764, Item 71, *Bruno Burelli power of attorney,* February 21, 2016,



Item 1, Side 1, Ms. Coll. 764, Item 72, *Mea Lupi power of attorney,* February 21, 2016,



Item 1, Side 1, Ms. Coll. 764, Item 76, *Lorenzo di Antonio power of attorney,* February 21, 2016,



Item 1, Side 1, Ms. Coll. 764, Item 77, *Benedetto degli Armaleoni power of attorney,* February 21, 2016,



Side 1, Ms. Coll. 764, Item 78, *Andrea di Sommariva power of attorney,* February 21, 2016,



Item 1, Side 1, Ms. Coll. 764, Item 83, *Don Matteo Zati deed of gift,* February 21, 2016,



Side 1, Ms. Coll. 764, Item 84, *Notarial document,* February 21, 2016,



Item 1, Side 1, Ms. Coll. 764, Item 85, *Matteo di Santi record of house sale,* February 21, 2016,



Item 1, Side 1, Ms. Coll. 764, Item 86, *Piero di Binduccio power of attorney,* February 21, 2016,



Item 1, Side 1, Ms. Coll. 764, Item 87, *Filippo della Casa power of attorney,* February 21, 2016,



Item 1, Side 1, Ms. Coll. 764, Item 88, *Bartolomeo di Piero power of attorney,* February 21, 2016,



Ms. Coll. 764, Item 90, *Ghita Gabrielli power of attorney,* February 21, 2016,


Item 1, Side 1, Ms. Coll. 764, Item 91, *Luigi Gaddi power of attorney,* February 21, 2016,



Item 1, Side 1, Ms. Coll. 764, Item 92, *Ghita Gabrielli power of attorney,* February 21, 2016,



Side 1, Ms. Coll. 764, Item 96, *Stefano Orlandini power of attorney,* February 21, 2016,



Item 1, Side 1, Ms. Coll. 764, Item 97, *Antonio Mannucci power of attorney,* February 21, 2016,



Item 1, Side 1, Ms. Coll. 764, Item 98, *Bernardo di Ventura power of attorney,* February 21, 2016,



Item 1, Side 1, Ms. Coll. 764, Item 99, *Betta Giubbettari power of attorney,* February 21, 2016,



Fol. 2r, Ms. Coll. 788, Folder 106, *Marianna Grifeo papers,* February 22, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Coll. 788, Folder 325, *Ventimiglia family papers,* February 22, 2016,



Ms. Roll 1588, *Genealogical chronicle fragment of the kings of England to Kimbelinus and Arvigarus,* February 23, 2016,



Ms. Roll 1594, *An inventary of all and singular the goodes and chattells and debtes of John Ffox, late of Chacumbe in the countie of Northampton, gentleman deceased,* February 23, 2016,



Collage 1, Ms. Coll. 713, *Breviary collages,* February 23, 2016,



Side 1, Ms. Coll. 720, *Financial agreement,* February 23, 2016,



Folder 1, Fol. 1r, Ms. Coll. 732, *Carretto family papers,* February 23, 2016,



Folder 1, Fol. 1r, Ms. Coll. 733, *Documents concerning Genoa and Finale Ligure,* February 23, 2016,



Side 1, Ms. Oversize 10, *Joannes Thomas Beltamino will,* February 24, 2016,



Side 1, Ms. Oversize 28, *Regensburg indulgence,* February 24, 2016,



Side 1, Ms. Oversize 38, *Feudal sentence,* February 24, 2016,



Side 1, Ms. Oversize 39, *Gregory de Chastellar agreement,* February 24, 2016,



Side 1, Ms. Oversize 40, *John Eyr mortgage,* February 24, 2016,



Side 1, Ms. Oversize 43, *Anne Passmore writing sheet,* February 24, 2016,



Fol. 2r, Misc. Mss. (Large) Box2, Folder 22, Two documents, from Piacenza, Italy, on one vellum bifolium, February 24, 2016,



Side 1, Misc. Mss. (Large) Box 1, Folder 9, Lease by Richard (Petryton), prior of the monastic house of Bykenacre, to husbandman John James Junior of East Hanningfield, Essex, of the tenement (house with attached land) called Canonbernes for 13 years, with the right to take wood from the property annually for fuel and for making and repairing carts and ploughs, February 24, 2016,



Side 1, Misc. Mss. (Large) Box 1, Folder 10, Agreement between Geffrey de Bingham and Johan de Leyk that they will submit their dispute to arbitration by Roger de Seint Andreu and Sir Richard de Wylughby (for Geffrey) and Sir John de Munteny and Nicol de Wyemerpol (for John), and in default, if the arbitrators cannot agree, to Sir William Fitzwilliam, February 24, 2016,



Side 1, Misc. Mss. (Large) Box 1, Folder 11, A letter from Gaspardus Bremlen, the governor of Monthey (referred to as Montheolum), dated January 30th, 1590, February 24, 2016,



Item 1, Side 1, Misc. Mss. (Large) Box 1, Folder 13, Two copies of a contract of marriage between Richard Burdet and Isabella Shirwode, made at the Mitre Tavern in Cheapside (London), 22 November 1478, and witnessed by notary Nicholas Colles, Robert Caylboys, Hugh Tylney, Thomas Shirwode (brother of the bride), Richard Palmer, and Leticia Corbet, February 24, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Misc. Mss. (Large) Box 1, Folder 20, Real estate contract on vellum between the sellers Agnes, the wife of Anthonius de Cavaciis, and her son, and the buyers Johannes and Nicolaus, February 24, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Misc. Mss. (Large) Box 1, Folder 21, Original letter from Charles IX to Raymond de Rouer, sieur de Fourquevaux, his ambassador at the Spanish court of Phillip II, February 24, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Misc. Mss. (Large) Box 1, Folder 23, Three poems in black and red ink in an italic hand (likely that of Johannes Cnipius) on a paper bifolium, in which Cnipius mocks Andreas Saxo, February 24, 2016,



Side 1, Misc. Mss. (Large) Box 2, Folder 3, Agreement between G. Girardi and J. Chasson, dated 1478, with notarial signet, February 24, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Misc. Mss. (Large) Box 2, Folder 1, Letter addressed to the Lord Treasurer Lord Buckhurst informing him that Queen Elizabeth has granted by order under the Privy Seal money for Irish suitors or claimants and directing him to pay the towns and individuals listed in a document that formerly accompanied this one, now unknown, February 24, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Misc. Mss. (Large) Box 2, Folder 12, Exchange between Antoine Rolet and nephew Antoine in the home of Jean Trousse of Annecy, dated 1399, February 24, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Misc. Mss. (Large) Box 2, Folder 13, Letter from Emperor Rudolf II, with his signature and seal, dated Prague, 18 October 1581, addressed to Johan Vesten, doctor of law and fiscal procurator of the imperial chamber (Camergericht) in Speyer, concerning an exemption proceeding (Exemptionshandlung), apparently for a church or cloister (Gottshaus), possibly in Isen, February 24, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Misc. Mss. (Large) Box 1, Folder 8, Vellum leaf from an Italian giant Bible, ca. 1125, trimmed and folded from use in a binding, February 24, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Misc. Mss. (Large) Box 2, Folder 8, Deed or indenture dated 7 March 1726 recording the sale by Samuel Lord of 6 acres of land in Gloucester County, New Jersey, to Joseph Knight, February 24, 2016,



Side 1, Misc. Mss. (Large) Box 2, Folder 16, Concerns the Torelli family (also referred to as “Taurelli”). Refers to Count Francisco Torelli and Count Guidone Galeotto Torelli, who were brothers, and deals with the Torelli genealogy, February 24, 2016,



Side 1, Misc. Mss. (Large) Box 2, Folder 18, Document on paper from 1490 concerning a mortgage of 62 pounds disputed by Christianus Joannes de Villabalzana and his son Leonardus, February 24, 2016,


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OPenn: New Additions

Here is a list of the most recent additions to OPenn from Feb. 6-Feb. 19, 2016.

(Shelfmark, Title, Date uploaded, Link to OPenn):

Univ. of Penn Books & Manuscripts – 158 items



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 421, *Opere,* Feb. 6, 2016,



Flyleaf 7, Ms. Codex 926, *The royal merchant,* Feb. 6, 2016,



Fol. 2r, Misc Mss, Copy of privileges granted by Pope Alexander VI in 1501 (misdated as 1510) to the city of Valencia, Feb. 7, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 1001, *Resolutions of the governing body,* Feb. 7, 2016,



P. 1 (V.1), Ms. Codex 1003, *Pharmacist’s receipt books,* Feb. 7, 2016,



i recto, Ms. Codex 1012, *Lettres, memoires, titres, et actes concernans les chanceliers et gardes des seaux sic de France, leur origine, erections, droits, et honneurs appartenans aux dites charges,* Feb. 7, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 1019, *Explanatio librorum physicorum,* Feb. 7, 2016,



P. 1, Ms. Codex 1026, *Des medicaments, alterants et preparants,* Feb. 7, 2016,



P. 1, Ms. Codex 1027, *Philosophia moralis,* Feb. 7, 2016,



P. 60 [=61], Ms. Codex 1028, *Logici,* Feb. 7, 2016,



ii recto, Ms. Codex 602, *Prattica per le cause del Sant’Offizio,* Feb. 7, 2016,



P. 68, Ms. Codex 604, *Libro d’oro ossia delle famiglie nobili venete,* Feb. 7, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 609, *Trattato de’rimedi contro le scomuniche invalide, e proibizioni de libri, che si decretano in roma … coll’occasione della invalida censura contro di lui fulminata dal vicario di napoli per aver quivi imprimere i libri della storia civile di quel regno senza sua licenza, e della proibizione de medesimi decretata in roma nel luglio 1723,* Feb. 7, 2016,



Fol. 2r, Ms. Codex 715, *Compendium religiosi vivendi,* Feb. 7, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 72, *Sacramentale,* Feb. 7, 2016,



Fol. 3r, Ms. Codex 73, *Carta executoria de hidalguia a pedimiento,* Feb. 7, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 738, *Book of hours,* Feb. 7, 2016,



Fol. 3r, Ms. Codex 739, *Psalterium cum canticis,* Feb. 7, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 748, *De educatione liberorum et eorum claris morbis,* Feb. 7, 2016,



Fol. 136r, Ms. Codex 75, *Pupilla oculi,* Feb. 7, 2016,



Fol. 2r, Ms. Codex 753, *Recipe book, account book, and notebook,* Feb. 8, 2016,



ii verso, Ms. Codex 757, *Julia, or The revengeful lover. A tragedy,* Feb. 8, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 765, *Organon,* Feb. 8, 2016,



P. 1, Ms. Codex 77, *Senecae tragediae cum commento,* Feb. 8, 2016,



Front cover, Ms. Codex 771, *Commentarius in octo libros Aristotelis de auditu phisico a Ioanne Zorn exceptus,* Feb. 8, 2016,



Fol. 1r (V.1), Ms. Codex 776, *On the Physica, De coelo, De generatione et corruptione, De anima, Metaphysica, Meteorologica, Organon, and Ethica Nicomachea,* Feb. 8, 2016,



Item 1, Side 1, Ms. Coll. 764, Item 50, *Gregorio di San Miniato deed,* Feb. 8, 2016,



Item 1, Side 1, Ms. Coll. 764, Item 52, *Lease of San Miniato land,* Feb. 8, 2016,



Side 1, Ms. Coll. 764, Item 54, *Ox payment decision,* Feb. 8, 2016,



Item 1, Side 1, Ms. Coll. 764, Item 55, *Declaration of receipt of ox,* Feb. 8, 2016,



Item 1, Side 1, Ms. Coll. 764, Item 58, *Don Giovanni di Bartolo inheritance acknowledgment,* Feb. 8, 2016,



Item 1, Side 1, Ms. Coll. 764, Item 59, *Vanne de’ Medici power of attorney,* Feb. 8, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 570, *Riforma del MDLXVI et altre provvisioni della gabella de contrattie di Firenze,* Feb. 9, 2016,



i recto, Ms. Codex 571, *Diversorum statutorum, ac legum particularum civitatis, comitatus, ac districtus florentie,* Feb. 9, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 572, *Proceedings of the inquisition in the Apostolic Palace in Rome,* Feb. 9, 2016,



Fol. 11 [=8r], Ms. Codex 574, *Leges, seu reformationes nove reipublice genuensis, facte a duodecim reformatoribus, anno 1528,* Feb. 9, 2016,



Fol. 3r, Ms. Codex 575, *Pratica del modo di procedere nell caose spettanti al Santo Officio,* Feb. 9, 2016,



Front cover, Ms. Codex 578, *Abjuratione del Borri nell’anno 1661,* Feb. 9, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 579, *Statuta,* Feb. 9, 2016,



Front cover, Ms. Codex 58, *Theologia naturalis,* Feb. 9, 2016,



Fol. 4v, Ms. Codex 1252, *Lettere havute da Monsignor Zuccati,* Feb. 11, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Misc Mss, Parchment leaf (28 cm. high) from a Greek lectionary containing readings for the Easter season taken from John’s Gospel, Feb. 11, 2016,



Item 1, Side 1, Misc Mss, Five letters on paper signed by Cardinal Alessandro Farnese, Feb. 11, 2016,



Fol. Item 2, 2v, Misc Mss, Two letters from Ferdinand II, Archduke of Austria, Feb. 11, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 71, *Iuramentum capitulare, advocatorum per offitia rivoalti,* Feb. 11, 2016,



Item 1, Side 1, Ms. Coll. 764, Item 48, *Declaration of receipt of dowry,* Feb. 11, 2016,



Membrane 1, Side 1, Ms. Coll. 764, Item 148, *Pietro Partini deed,* Feb. 11, 2016,



Membrane 1, Side 1, Ms. Coll. 764, Item 149, *Ghilo di Francesco legal decision,* Feb. 11, 2016,



Item 1, Side 1, Ms. Coll. 764, Item 153, *Del Pero family deed,* Feb. 11, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 1131, *Theological miscellany,* Feb. 11, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 842, *Orationes legatorum Caroli VIII, regis Francorum … etc.,* Feb. 12, 2016,



Fol. 4v, Ms. Codex 843, *Capitoli, esentioni, et privilegii delli huomini et commune di Montedoglio … dalli gran duchi di Toscana confirmati,* Feb. 12, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 844, *De accidentibus animae rationalis,* Feb. 12, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 845, *Commentary on Andria and Eunuch,* Feb. 12, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 846, *Tractatus philosophicus in universum Aristotelis Organum,* Feb. 12, 2016,



P. 1, Ms. Codex 847, *Commentarius in universam Aristotelis Metaphysicam,* Feb. 12, 2016,



iii recto, Ms. Codex 848, *Miscellania anatomica et physiologica,* Feb. 12, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 85, *Bullarium Augustinianum,* Feb. 12, 2016,



Fol. 3r, Ms. Codex 853, *Epistolae latinae,* Feb. 12, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 856, *De vita xii Caesarum … etc.,* Feb. 12, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 859, *Instrumenta magnificorum fratrum de Tartaleonibus,* Feb. 12, 2016,



Fol. 2r, Ms .Codex 573, *Forma moderna di fabricar li processi del Santo Offizio pratticata’ hoggi dì nel supremo tribunale di Roma,* Feb. 12, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 86, *De casibus conscientiae … etc.,* Feb. 12, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 860, *Collection of documents concerning inheritance,* Feb. 12, 2016,



Fol. 25r, Ms. Codex 1093, *Juramentbuech, darinnen aller Beambten alsz Burgermaister, Ratsherinn, Stattschreiber, neuen Burger und anderer Aide, den sie in Antrettung ihrer Dienst und Pflichten publice laysten müssen, zu finden,* Feb. 12, 2016,



P. 1, Ms. Codex 861, *Lecture notes on Aristotle’s Physics, Metaphysics, and De Animo,* Feb. 12, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 864, *Extract from Secretum secretorum,* Feb. 12, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 866, *De republica Veneta,* Feb. 12, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 406, *Raccolta delle compositioni recitate da gli accademici ravvivati alla presenza delle serenissime AA. Vittoria della Rovere, Anna Maria Luisa e Francesco Maria di Toscana, governatore di Siena, prottore della medesima accademia il di 13. giugno 1683,* Feb. 12, 2016,



Side 1, Misc Mss, A document, dated 1300, granting feudal rights to Gervais de Donchery and to his wife by Thiebaus de Maliers, seigneur de Châtel en Ardenne, Feb. 12, 2016,



Fol. 6r, Ms. Codex 1055, *Ce que c’est que la magie et déffinition de cette science profond,* Feb. 12, 2016,



Fol. 2r, Ms. Codex 867, *Chrestomathy of Latin authors,* Feb. 12, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 868, *Book of deeds to various territorial acquisitions,* Feb. 12, 2016,



P. 1, Ms. Codex 1178, *Ausführliche Nachricht oder Beschreibung von denen churfürstlich sächsischen Land- und Ausschuss-Tägen, von anno 1185 biss ad annum 1718, auch wie die Steüern und Anlagen nacheinander eingeführet und erhöhet worden, ingleichen wie die Bewilligung geschehen ist,* Feb. 12, 2016,



Fol. 2r, Ms. Codex 89, *The young country clerk’s collection of the best presidents of bills, bonds, conditions, aquittances, releases, indentures, deeds of sale, letters of attorney, last wills and testaments, etc.,* Feb. 12, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 892, *Libro di fisica,* Feb. 12, 2016,



P. 1, Ms. Codex 895, *Recipe book,* Feb. 12, 2016,



Side 1, Misc Mss, Jacobus Balbi, on behalf of the associates Marco Zorzi, Jacomo and Piero Balbi of Venice, appoints Marco Giorgio to collect the amounts due to them from Venturinus de Pinzonibus, Feb. 13, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Misc Mss, Receipt given by Sarrazius de Bethencourt for a gift given to him by the comtesse de Flandres et Artois through Michel de Cambier, Feb. 13, 2016,



Item 1, Side 1, Misc Mss, Four documents on paper from three members of the Borgia family in Italy, all of whom served as cardinals, ranging from 1503 to 1770, Feb. 13, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Misc Mss, Two documents on paper in Italian from the cardinal Carlo Carafa, Feb. 13, 2016,



Side 1, Misc Mss, Confirmation made by Jean Carteron in favor of Ansermin of Pont d’Avix, on 1388 Feb. 19, Feb. 13, 2016,



Fol. 2r, Misc Mss, Inventory written in two different hands containing a detailed list of the pieces of jewelry donated to the Capitolo del Duomo di Firenze by Pope Leo X, Feb. 13, 2016,


Side 1, Misc Mss, Document concerning houses and land in the Valle d’Aosta, dated 1390 Dec. 13, Feb. 13, 2016,


Side 1, Misc Mss, A confirmation of Remoldus as bishop of Saarema Island (written in the manuscript as Ozilia), by Pope Clement VII, Feb. 13, 2016,



Item 1, Side 1, Misc Mss, Three paper documents from the della Rovere family, Feb. 13, 2016,



Side 1, Misc Mss, Receipt given by Andrea Goussen, acting on behalf of Simon Clabant, a sergeant in Petit-Bois of Pacy, to Reignier le Coustelier, the viscount of Evreux, Feb. 13, 2016,



Side 1, Misc Mss, Document on paper addressed to the city of Assisi, signed B. Cardinalis Guidiccioni, written from Rome, Feb. 13, 2016,



Item 1, Side 1, Misc Mss, Two receipts of payment for military services rendered, given by two soldiers to Jacques Lempereur, Feb. 13, 2016,



Side 1, Misc Mss, Five epigrams of Ammianus, Lucullus, Lucilius, and Ausonius, seemingly translated from the Greek by Luscinius, Feb. 13, 2016,



Side 1, Misc Mss, Notarial document on vellum about Nicolaus de Marano of Vicenza, dated March 13, 1479, Feb. 13, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Misc Mss, Copy of a 1560 edict of the Duchy of Milan concerning the illegal collection and embezzlement of bread, meat and wine taxes in the city of Pavia, northern Italy, Feb. 13, 2016,



Side 1, Misc Mss, Two copies of letters the second of which incomplete (it would have continued on the following leaf, which was torn) written in Pistoia in 1539, Feb. 13, 2016,



Side 1, Misc Mss, Document on paper, written from Rome and dated January 11, 1520, Feb. 13, 2016,



Side 1, Misc Mss, Sale of property in Caen by Johanna, called La Fromme, to Raginaldus Collus Rubeus, Feb. 13, 2016,



Side 1, Misc Mss, An agreement by Marceiu Vinnen, parishioner of Landes, a small town near Caen in the Calvados region of Normandy, to pay a yearly and perpetual rent of 15 bushels of barley (orge), one hen (geline), and 10 eggs to Pierre Renou, parishioner of Tournay (also in Calvados), Feb. 13, 2016,



Side 1, Misc Mss, 13th-century document on vellum from Vicenza in italic cursive minute hand about Galuccio Trevisono(?) Volpe, and a Gerardus, Feb. 13, 2016,



ii recto, Ms. Codex 1031, *Memoranda and observations on the Compagnie des Indes,* Feb. 13, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 1033, *Miscellany on horsemanship,* Feb. 13, 2016,



Fol. 77v, Ms. Codex 1035, *Isaac Hazlehurst’s book,* Feb. 13, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 1095, *In universam Aristotelis physicam,* Feb. 13, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 324, *Amori, vita e morte di Carlo Gonzaga duca di Mantova, &c.,* Feb. 13, 2016,



ii recto, Ms. Codex 382, *Istruzioni, memoriali, lettere, ricordi,* Feb. 13, 2016,



i recto, Ms. Codex 383, *Vicecomitium in causa detentionis Oratii Molinarii nuncpatus il Suizzeretto,* Feb. 13, 2016,



i recto, Ms. Codex 389, *Sommaria relatione et breve avviso della gran corte di Roma solo per istruttione di nuovo cardinale,* Feb. 13, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 395, *Passione del nostro signore cio e del venerdi sancto,* Feb. 13, 2016,



Fol. 2r, Ms. Codex 398, *La monarchia spagnola,* Feb. 14, 2016,



i recto, Ms. Codex 399, *Pataffio … cavato da un manoscritto del signore D. Anton Maria Salvini con alcune annotazioni de medesimo,* Feb. 14, 2016,



P. 1, Ms. Codex 4, *In universam Aristotelis Logicam quaestiones,* Feb. 14, 2016,



Fol. 64r, Ms. Codex 400, *Wills, contracts, and other entries, relating to members of the family,* Feb. 14, 2016,



Fol. 3r, Ms. Codex 408, *Le quistioni aritmetiche di Diofanto generalmente risolute,* Feb. 14, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 409, *Viaggio in Spagna,* Feb. 14, 2016,



Fol. 2r, Ms. Codex 547, *Florentine historical miscellany,* Feb. 14, 2016,



[Note 1, Side 2] (V.1), Ms. Codex 726, *Francis Daniel Pastorius, His Hive, Melliotrophium Alvear or, Rusca Apium,* Feb. 14, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 772, *De praeceptis decalogi … etc.,* Feb. 14, 2016,



Fol. 3v, Ms. Codex 839, *Ystoria gestorum Alexandri pueri magni,* Feb. 14, 2016,



Fol. 3r, Ms. Codex 840, *Porcelii poetae clarissimi et oratoris Ortographia,* Feb. 14, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 910, *Decameron,* Feb. 14, 2016,



Fol. 3r, Ms. Codex 912, *La fontaine de toute science,* Feb. 15, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 919, *Hymni cum glossis,* Feb. 15, 2016,


P. 5, Ms. Codex 92, *Ad statutum positum sub rubrica de contractibus cum minoribus,* Feb. 15, 2016,



Front cover, Ms. Codex 991, *Lantrecht van Zallant, van Twenthe, van Vullenhoe, van Drenthe, mit anderen priviligien des landes van Overijssel,* Feb. 15, 2016,



P. 1, Ms. Codex 1100, *Ambts-Stauffenburgisches Geld-, Korn- und Dienst-Register, auch Zehnt-Beschreibung, von Trinitatis anno 1744 bis Trinitatis anno 1745,* Feb. 16, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 1104, *Reconoychenssas de Salelas e de Lemosis,* Feb. 16, 2016,



Front cover, Ms. Codex 1137, *Malefitzsachen veindlicher Bekhanntnusser ingefangen den 30 Maii anno 1572 … etc.,* Feb. 16, 2016,



P. 1, Ms. Codex 1158, *Scholia ex Georgicorum P. Vergilii carminibus undique excerpta,* Feb. 16, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 1163, *Introductory lectures,* Feb. 16, 2016,



Fol. 2r, Ms. Codex 1167, *Commentarii in universam Aristotelis Phisicam,* Feb. 17, 2016,



Fol. 2r, Misc Mss, Record of payment to the official carpenter of the Inquisition in Valencia, Spain, Pedro de Gracia, along with four other local carpenters working as independent contractors, for the construction of the scaffold and stage used for the auto-da-fé celebrated in Valencia on September 9, 1584, Feb. 17, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 110, *Alchemical miscellany,* Feb. 17, 2016,



P. 1, Ms. Codex 154, *Informacion de P. Poveda Domistico Inquisidor de la Suprema,* Feb. 17, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 157, *Copy of a mandate of Philip V concerning the Universidad de Sevilla,* Feb. 17, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 1561, *Dominican prayer book,* Feb. 17, 2016,



P. 1, Ms. Codex 1034, *Lecture notes,* Feb. 18, 2016,



Front cover, Ms. Codex 1476, *Ledger of Concini debtors and creditors and accounts,* Feb. 18, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 1537, *Filza di scritture de signori Medici,* Feb. 18, 2016,



Fol. 48r [=1r], Ms. Codex 1538, *Notebook of Medici (?) accounts,* Feb. 18, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 1539, *Ledger of Medici accounts,* Feb. 18, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 1542, *Examination of witnesses,* Feb. 18, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 1549, *Viaggio del Serenissimo Gran Duca di Toscana da Fiorenta insino a Roma,* Feb. 18, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 155, *Memorandum on the state of universities in Spain,* Feb. 18, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 1550, *Racccolti del entrata delle gabelle delle bestie di Firenze,* Feb. 18, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 1551, *Ledger of Gondi accounts,* Feb. 18, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 1552, *Vade mecum,* Feb. 18, 2016,



Fol. 641r [=1r], Ms. Codex 156, *Copy of a remonstrance concerning an ordinance of Philip IV, King of Spain,* Feb. 18, 2016,



Fol. 2r, Ms. Codex 1571, *Historical miscellany,* Feb. 18, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 1601, *Recipe book,* Feb. 18, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 1602, *Notated office book,* Feb. 18, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 1615, *Etat de ce que j’ai payé pour pensions, entretien, et les differens maitres des trois demoiselles de Longpré et de Mademoiselle de St. Olympe,* Feb. 18, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 1616, *Maximas discretas sobre a reforma necessaria da agricultura, commercio, milicia, marinha, tribunaes, e fabricas, &c. de Portugal,* Feb. 18, 2016,



P. 3, Ms. Codex 1606, *Recueil des lettres et memoires concernant l’histoires des Pais-Bas sur la reception du Concile de Trente et l’introduction de l’Inquisition dans les XVII Provinces,* Feb. 18, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 1617, *Annotated copy of Tacitus’ Germania,* Feb. 18, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 1612, *Respuesta al libro intitulado Politica de Dios, govierno de Christo, tirania de Satanas,* Feb. 18, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 17, *De spiritu et anima … etc.,* Feb. 18, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 773, *Logica nostra … etc.,* Feb. 18, 2016,



Fol. 1r, Ms. Codex 1637, *Journal,* Feb. 19, 2016,



Bifolium 1, Side 1, Misc Mss 29, Two disbound bifolia from a collection of horoscopes probably compiled in ItalyFeb. 19, 2016,



P. 1, Ms. Codex 1185, *Histoire de l’heresie depuis l’an 1374 jusqu’en l’annee 1631,* Feb. 19, 2016,



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OPenn: New Additions

Here is a list of the most recent new additions to OPenn from Jan. 23-Feb. 5, 2016.

(Shelfmark, Title, Date uploaded, Link to OPenn):

Univ. of Penn Books & Manuscripts –65 items


Ms. Coll. 850, Volume 1 *Mrs. Daw’s travel diaries, 1838,*, Jan. 26, 2016,



Ms. Codex 697, *[In quatuor Evangelistas],* Jan. 27, 2016,



Ms. Codex 698, *Registro di lettere di mons[igno]re archivescovo di Rossana che fu poi Papa Urbano Settimo della sua nunciatura di Spagna sotto Pio Quarto, Pio Quinto, e Gregorio Decimoterzo,* Jan. 28, 2016,



Ms. Codex 100, *[Statuta],* Jan. 31, 2016,



Ms. Codex 1042, *[Bellum Catilinae ; Bellum Jugurthinum],* Jan. 31, 2015,



Ms. Codex 1045, *Flavia,* Jan. 31, 2016,



Ms. Codex 1054, *Les clavicules de Salomon,* Jan. 31, 2016,



Ms. Codex 1102, *In universam Ar[istote]lis logicam una cu[m] brevi phyl[osoph]ae mo[ra]lis compendio quaestiones ad mente[m] Angelici Doctoris D. Thomae Aquinatis disputatae,* Jan. 31, 2016,



Ms. Codex 1107, *[Inventory of the possessions of Abbot Balthasar Dason],* Jan. 31, 2016,



Ms. Codex 1115, *Lettres de deux amans,* Jan. 31, 2016,



Ms. Codex 1116, *Instrumenta della condizione dei beni di S[anta] Crestina a livello perpetuo fatte l’anno 1490 da Antonio di Dominice di Ciacco Ciacchi e si paga lire sette servono per fare celebrare lo messe…,* Jan. 31, 2016,



Ms. Codex 1122, *Topica … [etc.],* Jan. 31, 2016,



Ms. Codex 1123, *Dialectica elementalis seu prima dialecticae elementia,* Jan. 31, 2016,



Ms. Codex 1129, *Disputationes in duos libros Aristotelis De ortu et interitu sive De generatione et corruptione,* Jan. 31, 2016,



Ms. Codex 1138, *In libros Aristotelis De anima et Metaphisicos,* Jan. 31, 2016,



Ms. Codex 114, *De arte cabalistica, seu De magisterio magno philosophorum … [etc.],* Jan. 31, 2016,



Ms. Codex 1164, *[Proprium de tempore] … [etc.],* Jan. 31, 2016,



Ms. Codex 117, *[Alchemical miscellany],* Jan. 31, 2016,



Ms. Codex 1175, *Philosophicae disquisitiones [secun]dum Aristotelis mentem,* Jan. 31, 2016,



Ms. Codex 1179, *[Document concerning property rights dispute],* Jan. 31, 2016,



Ms. Codex 118, *[Lectures on scientific subjects],* Feb. 1, 2016,



Ms. Codex 1181, *Naturae constantia,* Feb. 1, 2016,



Ms. Codex 119, *Of the great mysterie of antimonie,* Feb. 1, 2016,



Ms. Codex 1206, *De Merles,* Feb. 1, 2016,



Ms. Codex 1207, *Sommaires, discours des pretentions des tres illustres duc de Savoye sur la ville franche et imperiale de Geneve,* Feb. 1, 2016,



Ms. Codex 121, *De divinatione mortis, et vitae Petosyris ad Necepsum Regem Aegypti Epistola,* Feb. 1, 2016,



Ms. Codex 1218, *Tractatus de jure iustitia, ac de legibus,* Feb. 1, 2016,



Ms. Codex 122, *Viridarium regale,* Feb. 1, 2016,



Ms. Codex 1228, *Annus et dies,* Feb. 1, 2016,



Ms. Codex 1229, *Processional,* Feb. 1, 2016,



Ms. Codex 1235, *[Feudal rents],* Feb. 1, 2016,



Ms. Codex 124, *Raccolta di celebri arcani chimici da diversi famosi filosofi dati in luce et esperimentati,* Feb. 1, 2016,



Ms. Codex 1241, *Legitimationis, habilitationis, et dispensationis privilegium,* Feb. 1, 2016,



Ms. Codex 1245, *Reflexiones del Como Senor Manuel de Roda,* Feb. 1, 2016,



Ms. Codex 1493, *[Medici inventories],* Feb. 1, 2016,



Ms. Codex 1503, *[Ledger of Gondi accounts],* Feb. 1, 2016,



Ms. Codex 1506, *Ostension del tiempo desde que morimas todos en Adan y desde que resucitamos con [Cristo],* Feb. 1, 2016,



Ms. Codex 1511, *[Ledger of Concini debtors and creditors and miscellaneous accounts],* Feb. 1, 2016,



Ms. Codex 1515, *[Ledger of Parensi accounts],* Feb. 2, 2016,



Misc Mss, Signed letter to Pope Clement VIII recommending the selection of Annibale da Capua, archbishop of Naples, as a cardinal, Feb. 3, 2016,



Misc Mss, Newsletter addressed to “spectabili viro Giovanni di Filippo Arrighini, hon. consolo de mare a Pisa,” written in Florence, August 19, 1467, signed Pacholo Falconieri, Feb. 3, 2016,



Misc Mss, Letter written from Strasbourg to Joachim Camerarius, professor of Greek at the University of Tübingen, which accompanied a copy of Gerbel’s edition in Greek of the Anabasis of Alexander by the Greek historian Arrian, published by R. Winter in Basel in 1539, Feb. 3, 2016,



Misc Mss, Letter from Joan, Infanta of Aragon and Queen of Sicily, to the Count of Palamos, respecting her planned visit with Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain, which now had to be delayed for various reasons until the following spring, Feb. 3, 2016,



Misc Mss, Two letters signed by Maximilian II, both with a generic greeting (Lieber getreuer), Feb. 3, 2016,



Ms. Codex 10, *[Commentary to Aristotle’s De physica auscultatione, De caelo, De ortu et interitu and De anima],* Feb. 3, 2016,



Ms. Codex 101, *Constitutiones nonnullae mag[nifi]cae communitatis Parmae,* Feb. 3, 2016,



Ms. Codex 70, *Poesias y obras,* Feb. 4, 2016,



Ms. Coll. 764, Item 250, *Pope Clement XII brief, 1734,* Feb. 4, 2016,



Ms. Codex 116, *Scielta delle pratiche piu degne dell’una et l’altra medicina divisa in III parte, nelle quali si tratta non solo delle medine [sic] interne, ma anco delle esterne et delle [sic] qualità de forni, vasi, et fuochi, che per estrahere acque, olii, varie essenze et tinture…,* Feb. 4, 2016,



Ms. Codex 1046, *Philopinacium,* Feb. 5, 2016,



Ms. Codex 1105, *[Astronomical tables],* Feb. 5, 2016,



Ms. Codex 1148, *Disputationes in Metaphysicam,* Feb. 5, 2016,



Ms. Codex 1149, *Liber Rabani Anglici Horroscopo intitulatus translatus de Hebraico in Latinum a Dandalo Ylardensi ad instantiam abbatis P. de Visula [… etc.],* Feb. 5, 2016,



Ms. Codex 1623, *[Minutes and records of the Guardians],* Feb. 5, 2016,



Ms. Coll. 764, Item 217, *Monte di pietà of Pisa credit record, 1664,* Feb. 5, 2016,



Ms. Coll. 764, Item 210, *Certificate of authenticity of relics, 1651,* Feb. 5, 2016,



Ms. Coll. 742, Folder 82, *Pietro Lamberto legal decision, 1535,* Feb. 5, 2016,



Ms. Codex 1619, *Origem da denominação de X. V. [Cristão velho], X.N. [Christão novo], em Portugal, e as cauzas da continuação destes nomes, como tambem da cegueira judaica,*  Feb. 5, 2016,



Ms. Codex 1030, *Testimonio dado … de las informaciones de limpiera de sangre hechas ante aquel Tribunal por el Capitan Martin Rodriguez de Medina…,* Feb. 5, 2016,



Ms. Codex 1628, *Formulary,* Feb. 5, 2016,



Ms. Codex 1128, *[Mystical miscellany],* Feb. 5, 2016,



Ms. Codex 1631, *[Hybrid compendium of Ostfriesland history],* Feb. 5, 2016,



Ms. Codex 1634, *L’architettura militare ad uso delle regie Scuole d’Artiglieria e Fortificazione,* Feb. 5, 2016,



Ms. Codex 1638, *[Commonplace book],* Feb. 5, 2016,



Ms. Codex 348, *Alcune novelle di Messer Giovanni Boccaccio,* Feb. 5, 2016,


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OPenn: New Additions

Here is a list of the most recent new additions to OPenn from Jan. 9-Jan. 22, 2016.

(Shelfmark, Title, Date uploaded, Link to OPenn):

Univ. of Penn Books & Manuscripts – 103 items


Ms. Codex 1386, *[Ledger of Amadori debtors and creditors],* Jan. 9, 2016,


Ms. Codex 1387, *[Ledger of Amadori accounts],* Jan. 9, 2016,


Ms. Codex 1390, *[Ledger of Arrigucci debtors and creditors and memoranda],* Jan. 9, 2016,


Ms. Codex 1391, *[Ledger of Arrigucci debtors and creditors and memoranda],* Jan. 9, 2016,


Ms. Codex 1392, *[Ledger of Gondi accounts],* Jan. 9, 2016,


Ms. Codex 1393, *[Ledger of Gondi accounts],* Jan. 9, 2016,


Ms. Codex 1395, *[Ledger of Gondi accounts and memoranda],* Jan. 9, 2016,


Ms. Codex 1505, *[Ledger of Lapini accounts and correspondence],* Jan. 9, 2016,


Ms. Codex 1529, *Libro segreto di Pierantonio Benucci e Luigi Nestri e tintori [d’] arte maggiore,* Jan. 9, 2016,


Ms. Codex 1587, *[Farmer’s ledger],* Jan. 9, 2016,


Ms. Coll. 764, Item 157, *Deed of confiscated property, 1478,* Jan. 9, 2016,


Ms. Coll. 764, Item 21, *Donation to the convent of Santa Giulia, 1338,* Jan. 9, 2016,


Ms. Coll. 764, Item 23, *Rental agreement for property in Bonana, 1339,* Jan. 9, 2016,


Ms. Coll. 764, Item 24, *Petition for guardianship, 1341,* Jan. 9, 2016,


Ms. Coll. 764, Item 25, *Payment request, 1341,* Jan. 9, 2016,


Ms. Coll. 764, Item 26, *Excerpt from the book of civil cases of the court of San Miniato, 1342,* Jan. 9, 2016,


Ms. Coll. 764, Item 29, *Guelf party affiliation excerpt, 1365,* Jan. 9, 2016,


Ms. Coll. 764, Item 34, *Dowry record, 1383,* Jan. 9, 2016,


Ms. Coll. 764, Item 35, *Arte della lana legal decision, 1384,* Jan. 9, 2016,


Ms. Coll. 764, Item 36, *Ventura di Baronto will, 1385,* Jan. 9, 2016,


Ms. Coll. 764, Item 39, *Land sale contract, 1389,* Jan. 9, 2016,


Ms. Coll. 764, Item 41, *Petrino Blassori power of attorney, 1395,* Jan. 9, 2016,


Ms. Coll. 764, Item 43, *Appointment of attorney-at-law, 1400s,* Jan. 9, 2016,


Ms. Coll. 764, Item 45, *Giannino Minuzio deed of sale, 1339,* Jan. 9, 2016,


Ms. Coll. 764, Item 47, *Don Antonio Bartoli petition, 1401,* Jan. 9, 2016,


Ms. Codex 1371, *[Ledger of Amadori debtors and creditors],* Jan. 11, 2016,


Ms. Codex 1379, *[Ledger of Amadori debtors and creditors],* Jan. 12, 2016,


Ms. Codex 1409, *Proposiciones que de orden de Su Majestad hizo don Melchor de Macanaz al concejo para que consultase lo que fuese conveniente para el condordato que se estava tratando en Paris con la corte de Roma,* Jan. 12, 2016,


Ms. Codex 1415, *[Ledger of Cassi accounts and memoranda],* Jan. 12, 2016,


Ms. Codex 1417, *[Ledger of Cassi accounts],* Jan. 12, 2016,


Ms. Codex 1418, *[Notebook of memoranda],* Jan. 12, 2016,


Ms. Codex 1466, *[Ledger of Concini accounts],* Jan. 14, 2016,


Ms. Codex 1467, *[Ledger of Concini accounts],* Jan. 14, 2016,


Ms. Codex 1468, *[Copies of Medici correspondence],* Jan. 14, 2016,


Ms. Codex 1500, *[Ledger of Detti accounts and memoranda],* Jan. 14, 2016,


Ms. Codex 1504, *[Account book of Vincenzo Spada],* Jan. 14, 2016,


Ms. Codex 1509, *[Ledger of Medici debtors and creditors and accounts],* Jan. 14, 2016,


Ms. Codex 1510, *Libro del s[ign]or c[apita]no di Fivizzano nel q[ua]le sono registrate ricevute, suppliche e lettere di diversi anni,* Jan. 14, 2016,


Ms. Codex 1573, *[Diploma of Geronimo Burgio],* Jan. 14, 2016,


Ms. Codex 1575, *Raggioni che assistono al publico Banco per non permettersi in esso pignorazione di grani, e per non potersi fare dallo stesso al Senato il rilascio de’ supposti interessi,* Jan. 14, 2016,


Ms. Codex 1582, *[Documents concerning the inheritance of the Corbino, the Pontecorona, the Prado, and other Sicilian families],* Jan. 14, 2016,


Ms. Coll. 742, Folder 80, *Francesco Cosci appointment, 1530,* Jan. 14, 2016,


Ms. Coll. 742, Folder 81, *Stefano d’Andrea appointment, 1531,* Jan. 14, 2016,


Ms. Coll. 742, Folder 83, *Matteo d’Alessandro d’Andrea Todeschini Piccolomini legal brief, 1538,* Jan. 14, 2016,


Ms. Coll. 742, Folder 84, *Alessandro Piccolomini nomination, 1546,* Jan. 14, 2016,


Ms. Coll. 742, Folder 85, *Antonio Maria d’Enea di Giacomo Todeschini Piccolomini transcript of emancipation, 1547,* Jan. 14, 2016,


Ms. Coll. 742, Folder 88, *Diocese of Arezzo nomination, 1556,* Jan. 14, 2016,


Ms. Coll. 742, Folder 89, *Alvise Mocenigo I notice, 1573,* Jan. 14, 2016,


Ms. Coll. 742, Folder 90, *Diocese of Arezzo nomination, 1579,* Jan. 14, 2016,


Ms. Coll. 742, Folder 91, *Pope Sixtus V brief, 1586,* Jan. 14, 2016,


Ms. Coll. 742, Folder 92, *Cardinal Philippus record of sale, 1587,* Jan. 14, 2016,


Ms. Coll. 742, Folder 93, *Pope Sixtus V indulgence, 1587,* Jan. 14, 2016,


Ms. Coll. 742, Folder 94, *Diocese of Arezzo nomination, 1594,* Jan. 14, 2016,


Ms. Coll. 742, Folder 95, *Pope Gregory XIV bull, 1594,* Jan. 14, 2016,


Ms. Coll. 742, Folder 96, *Scipio Piccolomini d’Aragona appointment, 1604,* Jan. 14, 2016,


Ms. Coll. 742, Folder 97, *M. A. Cicognini privilege, 1604,* Jan. 14, 2016,


Ms. Coll. 742, Folder 98, *Deed, 1627,* Jan. 14, 2016,


Ms. Coll. 742, Folder 99, *Diocese of Arezzo nomination, 1666,* Jan. 14, 2016,


Ms. Codex 1518, *Contratti de beni di Firenze della famiglia Concini,* Jan. 15, 2016,


Ms. Codex 1215, *Lumen [con]fessorum,* Jan. 15, 2016,


Ms. Codex 1383, *[Ledger of Amadori accounts],* Jan. 16, 2016,


Ms. Codex 1620, *[Poems on monastic life],* Jan. 16, 2016,


Ms. Codex 1621, *Grecismus Cornutus … [etc.],* Jan. 16, 2016,


Ms. Codex 1625, *[Gospel lessons for the Office of the Dead],* Jan. 16, 2016,


Ms. Codex 1626, *Select pieces &c.,* Jan. 16, 2016,


Ms. Codex 246, *[Records of agreements between members of the Bragadin family, regarding property and obligations],* Jan. 16, 2016,


Ms. Codex 247, *Rime di Tonello,* Jan. 16, 2016,


Ms. Codex 248, *Statutum Viterbien[se] Par. II,* Jan. 16, 2016,


Ms. Codex 250, *Il tempio di castitade,* Jan. 16, 2016,


Ms. Codex 255, *[Italian religious miscellany],* Jan. 16, 2016,


Ms. Codex 256, *Manual of a Venetian consigliere, written for Giovanni Francesco Basadonna,* Jan. 16, 2016,


Ms. Codex 258, *Lettere amorose e capitoli,* Jan. 16, 2016,


Ms. Codex 263, *Il Publico di Lorenzo Spirito Perugino nel quale si contiene il Lamento di Perugia essendo sogiogata,* Jan. 16, 2016,


Ms. Codex 268, *Dell’ historia del sacro Concilio di Trento,* Jan. 16, 2016,


Ms. Codex 269, *[Capitula Mirabelle],* Jan. 16, 2016,


Ms. Codex 275, *[Collection of poetry],* Jan. 16, 2016,


Ms. Codex 277, *Il Goffredo : Opera drammatica heroica,* Jan. 16, 2016,


Ms. Codex 279, *[Crestomazia di poeti italiani del Cinquecento],* Jan. 16, 2016,


Ms. Codex 283, *Lettere scritte da donna di senno e di spirito per ammaestramento del suo amante,* Jan. 16, 2016,


Ms. Codex 284, *[Memoranda and account book],* Jan. 16, 2016,


Ms. Codex 286, *[Diplomatic relations collection],* Jan. 16, 2016,


Ms. Codex 288, *[Papal diplomatic instructions and other correspondence],* Jan. 17, 2016,


Ms. Codex 291, *[Records of the Priorista of the city of Florence, 1282-1509],* Jan. 17, 2016,


Ms. Codex 292, *Rime di Timaute Frascerepnico in vita, e in morte di Elisa,* Jan. 17, 2016,


Ms. Codex 293, *Summole,* Jan. 17, 2016,


Ms. Codex 294, *[Trattato come si coltivino li giardini],* Jan. 17, 2016,


Ms. Codex 297, *[Madrigale e canzoni],* Jan. 17, 2016,


Ms. Codex 299, *[Notarial documents],* Jan. 17, 2016,


Ms. Codex 302, *Officii et magistrati,* Jan. 17, 2016,


Ms. Codex 308, *Instruttione data per ordine di N.S. Papa Gregorio XV. a Mons[igno]r Carafa Vescovo d’Aversa destinato Nuntio all dell Imp[erato]re a di 12 de Aprile 1621,* Jan. 17, 2016,


Ms. Codex 309, *Nunziatura di Fiandra di Mons[igno]r Bentivogli dal 1609 al 1615,* Jan. 17, 2016,


Ms. Codex 344, *Compendio delle istorie di Pisa,* Jan. 17, 2016,


Ms. Codex 350, *L’introduttione di Pietro Magno nell’ antica Republica Romana,* Jan. 17, 2016,


Ms. Coll. 753, *Uguccioni family papers, 1520-1534,* Jan. 17, 2016,


Ms. Coll. 755, *Sangalletti family accounts, 1570-1609,* Jan. 17, 2016,


Ms. Coll. 764, Item 100, *Francesco Armaiolo power of attorney, 1421,* Jan. 17, 2016,


Ms. Coll. 764, Item 101, *Lapo di Michele and Bartolomeo Fiori power of attorney, 1421,* Jan. 17, 2016,


Ms. Coll. 764, Item 102, *Coppetto Coppetti power of attorney, 1421,* Jan. 17, 2016,


Ms. Codex 1062, *[Sermons on Job 21.15],* Jan. 19, 2016,


Ms. Codex 1072, *De l’origine et des productions de l’imprimerie primitive en taille de bois … [etc.],* Jan. 20, 2016,


Ms. Codex 1075, *[Account book],* Jan. 20, 2016,


Ms. Codex 1076, *[Prolegomena in Aristotelem],* Jan. 20, 2016,


Ms. Codex 1092, *[Lecture notes on natural history],* Jan. 20, 2016,




OPenn:  Primary Digital Resources Available to All through Penn Libraries’ New Online Platform

The Penn Libraries and the Schoenberg Institute for Manuscript Studies are thrilled to announce the launch of OPenn: Primary Resources Available to Everyone (, a new website that makes digitized cultural heritage material freely available and accessible to the public.  OPenn is a major step in the Libraries’ strategic initiative to embrace open data, with all images and metadata on this site available as free cultural works to be freely studied, applied, copied, or modified by anyone, for any purpose.  It is crucial to the mission of SIMS and the Penn Libraries to make these materials of great interest and research value easy to access and reuse.  The OPenn team at SIMS has been working towards launching the website for the past year.  Director Will Noel’s original idea to make our Medieval and Renaissance manuscripts open to all has grown into a space where the Libraries can collaborate with other institutions who want to open their data to the world.

OPenn launches with the entire corpus of manuscripts donated to the Penn Libraries in 2011 by SIMS founder Lawrence J. Schoenberg and his wife Barbara Brizdle Schoenberg.  The Schoenberg Collection features manuscripts from all over the world, with a focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  To interest the public in the visual splendor of materials on OPenn we have uploaded some images from the Schoenberg Collection onto Flickr at, with links in the records to OPenn.

More datasets, including manuscripts from the University of Pennsylvania’s own holdings and items from other institutions, will be added to the site in the near future, so stay tuned.  Historic diaries from a variety of institutions belonging to the Philadelphia Area Consortium of Special Collections Libraries (PACSCL) are next in line for inclusion on OPenn.  Many of these documents are unknown while others are celebrated, such as the Union League’s Tanner manuscript: a firsthand account of the events surrounding the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

Images of the manuscripts are currently available on OPenn at full resolution, with derivatives also provided for easy reuse on the web.  Downloading, whether several select images or the entire dataset, is easily accomplished by following instructions or recipes posted in the Technical Read Me on OPenn.  The website is designed to be machine-readable, but easy for individuals to use, too.

SIMS’ very own Dot Porter has already used the dataset to create e-books from the images and metadata on OPenn.  You can download the e-books in the free and open epub format at Penn Libraries’ Scholarly Commons.   She has also used the Internet Archive BookReader, an open source online page-turning book reader, to generate online versions of each manuscript.  An example using LJS 225, Litterarum simulationis liber, can be seen at: .  You can search and browse manuscripts in OPenn (along with digitized manuscripts from The Digital Walters) here:  These formats serve as excellent tools for raising awareness of manuscript culture and for showcasing manuscripts’ unique graphics and aesthetic appeal.  OPenn also enables rigorous study and scholarly discovery by increasing ease of study for researchers interested in these manuscripts.  For instance, images of individual pages can be manipulated to re-create the order in which the pages were written, as opposed to the order in which they were collated for binding, providing leeway in exploration that researchers might not have otherwise.

These are just a few ways the data can be manipulated, but we anticipate surprises once scholars and researchers begin using data on OPenn.  We hope you are inspired to reuse OPenn data and to share your project with the world.  If you have any questions or comments, send us an email at

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Ms. Codex 909, [Le livre des Eneydes]: A Fine Example of Lettre Bâtarde

My interest in Ms. Codex 909 began last summer while I was taking a non-credit course, Introduction to Paleography, offered by the Schoenberg Institute for Manuscript Studies and taught by Penn manuscript cataloger Amey Hutchins and Schoenberg Database of Manuscripts project researcher and English doctoral candidate Alex Devine.  I would highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in paleography, whether you’re a graduate student, librarian, or independent scholar.  Each student was asked to give a final presentation on the script used in a manuscript of his or her choosing.  While there were many intriguing manuscripts to choose from, I landed on [Le livre des Eneydes], the first French translation of Virgil’s Aeneid.  It is, in fact, one of four extant manuscripts known to contain Octovien Saint-Gelais’s translation.  Of the other three manuscripts, two are located at the Bibliothèque Nationale de Paris, while the remaining codex can be found at The Hague.

While I transcribed the first two folios for the project, I did not attempt a reading of the entire manuscript due to time constraints; however, an article written in 1990 by Thomas Brückner goes into some detail about Saint-Gelais’s groundbreaking translation.  According to Brückner, the translation is a loyal reproduction of the narrative, but the Virgilian style of the epic poem is not painstakingly interpreted, as later Renaissance translators would attempt under the influence of the ancient poetic concept of imitatio.  Saint-Gelais often omits words, usually descriptive words that were used by Virgil for the sake of embellishment, but rarely an entire verse.  He injects numerous Latinisms into his text, taking a Latin word and giving it a French ending.  Brückner also notes that he draws words from the gloss of Servius at times, and not from the original Latin.  In a way, Saint-Gelais edits Virgil’s text too.  He inserts explanations that do not appear in the original epic for the sake of the reader, due to the fact that he is translating from hexameter into decasyllabic couplets and details may get lost from one line to another.[1]

The manuscript begins with a beautiful sloping ductus written in lettre bâtarde, sometimes called lettre bourguignonne.  Its namesakes are the Dukes of Burgundy, Philip the Good and Charles the Bold, who were patrons of the arts in the 15th century and who commissioned many deluxe manuscripts in the French vernacular.  Penn’s manuscript itself may have been meant for a noble audience, as the large blank spaces left for illumination may indicate.  The script’s other name, lettre bâtarde, refers to the hybridity of the script that displays characteristics of Gothic Textura but incorporates calligraphic features as well.  The Gothic influence can be seen in the single compartment a, the minims that are hard to tell apart, quadrangles that are sometimes formed at the bottom of the minims, and the inclusion of spiky details like horns.  The scribe uses calligraphic technique to create the looping ascenders of the b, h and l.  The letter f and the straight s slope from right to left across the page and are a tell-tale sign of lettre bâtarde.  They are created using a quill with a flexible nib, which can create great differences in the width of strokes.  The f and straight s are thin at the top, with a broad thick stroke in the middle that thins again to a pointed descender with a thin hairline stroke.  The calligraphic technique also includes many flourishes to the letters.


The minims are reminiscent of Gothic Textura


The sloping straight s is typical of lettre batarde

As I was flipping through the manuscript for the first time, I noticed what appeared to be two changes in the scribal hand.  I decided to focus my presentation on a comparison of the three hands to determine if my initial thought was correct.  For the sake of ease, I’ll call the hands the first hand, the second hand and the third hand based on where the change occurs in the book.  The change from first to second occurs around f. 50v and the switch from the second hand to the third hand occurs at f. 63r.

The reason that I estimate where the second change occurs is because it is much harder to tell where the first switch in hand happens.  It isn’t until f. 50v that I feel most certain it’s another hand.  There are a number of differences that become apparent as you move closer to f. 50v, but the change seems to happen gradually.  The script becomes smaller and the o, a, and d become rounder.  The minims are more reminiscent of Gothic script and the loops on the ascenders are smaller.  The l, f and straight s become shorter.  The first hand is more angular and the f and s are more slanted, more like archetypal lettre bâtarde.  The first hand has more cursive thin hairline strokes and the highest level of execution of the lettre bâtarde of all three hands.  The gradual change in the appearance of the script could mean a few things, and begs the question of whether it is truly two distinct hands.  It could mean that there was only one scribe, but they are slowly modifying their hand until it comes to look quite different by the time you reach f. 50v.  On the other hand, no pun intended, a second scribe may have been trying to imitate some of the features of the first scribe but slowly reverted to their own stylistic idiosyncrasies.  I would be interested to hear the opinions of more learned scholars than myself who might want to take a look at Codex 909.


First hand


Second hand


Third hand

The change from the second hand to the third hand is much more noticeable and I have more confidence that it is another scribe altogether.  Only after f. 63r do the ascenders of each top line of every page double in size, taking up the height of almost an entire line (see f.62v-63r below).  The hand looks a bit sloppier, as if it was written more hastily, and in fact there are some erasures and added lines that suggest this may have been the case.  The writing also takes up more space on the page and the lines often run past the ruled lines.  The strokes are thicker and there is more embellishment to the letters, especially compared to the second hand, which is the most spare of the three.  Of all the letters, the easiest ones to look at to identify differences were the d and the straight s in this codex.

62v1_16 63r1_16

I really enjoyed my time looking closely at this manuscript, which is a fine example of lettre bâtarde.  As Albert Derolez reminds us, “the impact of the individual scribes on the appearance of [lettre bâtarde] was quite strong, and, whilst the main characteristics remain the same, the visual impression produced by different pages of Bastarda script can be very varied.”[2]  This is certainly the case with Codex 909 and it was what made it such an interesting manuscript for my final project.  I hope this post piques your interest in my findings.  I invite you to take a look at the Le livre des Eneydes on Penn in Hand or come see it in person in the Kislak Center reading room.

[1] Brückner, Thomas.  Un traducteur de Virgile inconnu du XVIe siècle : Jean d’Ivry.  Les lettres Romanes, XLIV, n.3, August 1990, pp. 171-180.

[2] Derolez, Albert.  The Paleography of Gothic Manuscript Books from the Twelfth to the Early Sixteenth Century.  Cambridge:  Cambridge University Press, p.160.


Penn Manuscript Collective: Students to Crowdsource Manuscript Transcriptions

Sophomore John Baranik takes a break from his busy schedule on a weekday to talk to me about a new group called the Penn Manuscript Collective.  The Collective was formed by Professor Peter Stallybrass in the Fall semester of 2012 while he was teaching the Freshman Seminar, The Bible as Literature.  The class took a hands-on approach, examining medieval and early modern Bibles in the Special Collections Center and students were turning in exciting papers based on original research with primary documents.  John was a freshman in this class in his first semester at Penn.

letter research pic

He got the book history bug in the seminar and in the Spring he took another class with Stallybrass and Roger Chartier, a regular visitor to Penn from the Collège de France in Paris: Topics in History of the Book: Printing, Writing and Reading in Early Modern Europe.  He describes the sample alphabet he and undergraduate Ben Notkin created using cropped images of each letter of the alphabet found in the manuscript of the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin.  They analyzed the text using the online digital copy provided by the Huntington Library, where the original is housed.  They wanted to determine if Franklin himself was making these corrections, and for what purpose, so they used the alphabet to examine the hand used to make corrections to the text.  It turns out that Franklin was most likely making the corrections himself and they were mainly for stylistic purposes, and not self-censorship.

alphabet 1

It was a success like this that sparked the idea for the Collective.  Stallybrass wanted to ensure that the time-intensive research his students were doing would continue to be of use in the future, for full-text searching capabilities, scholarly digital editions, and other imaginings.   So the Penn Manuscript Collective was formed to create a platform for the crowdsourcing of transcriptions of manuscripts in the Penn Libraries’ collections.  Both undergraduates and graduate students can participate by examining documents that are of scholarly interest to them and creating their own transcriptions.

Stallybrass is searching for the right digital transcription tool to use for the project, one that will allow students to focus line-by-line on digitized texts of their choosing as well as to collaborate on shared projects.  There are a number of free open-source transcription tools available right now that could work for the Collective.  T-Pen, which is often used to transcribe medieval and renaissance manuscripts, uses image mapping to create a grid on each page image divided by the visible columns and lines on the page.  The transcriber can enter a line transcription into the box available below the line, as well as make notes about their editorial choices.  There are links to the Latin Vulgate, a Latin dictionary and an index of common abbreviations.  A new experimental feature available is glyph matching between manuscripts that are in T-Pen’s image cache.

Other options include Scripto, FromThePage, and WikiBooks.  Of these options, Scripto will probably be the choice for the Penn Manuscript Collective.  The Penn Libraries are going to begin supporting Omeka for library-related digital projects and Scripto works as a plug-in to Omeka or WordPress.  Scripto uses MediaWiki as the content management system.  The program itself allows a side- by-side comparison of the image and the transcription and the ability to look at all drafts too.  While it lacks some of the nice features of T-Pen, it has some advantages.  It can be installed quickly, it’s easy to use, and it makes more sense for a project with a broad scope of materials like this one.  Check out this demo in Sandbox to try out Scripto nested in Omeka:

Stallybrass and his students are already organizing a Penn Manuscript Collective conference.  They are meeting on January 31 at 4:00PM for participants to share their research and experiences.   If you are an undergraduate or graduate student interested in participating in the Penn Manuscript Collective, email John Baranik at

Learn more about some of the transcription tools mentioned above: