Coffee With A Codex Archive 2021

Manuscripts featured in Coffee with a Codex in 2021 (back to the main page)

December 20: LJS 46 – Herbal … etc. Italian illustrated herbal written in the 16th c., with a group of texts in English, Latin, and Spanish about Morocco added less than a century later. (On OPenn, Video orientation)

December 13: Ms. Codex 1248 – Liturgical miscellany. Miniature manuscript of music and prayers from a monastic context. Italy, 15th c. (On OPenn)

December 6: Ms. Codex 331 – Miracoli e leggende. Collection of miracle stories and lives of the saints told in the style of contemporary novels. Tuscany, 15th c. (On OPenn)

November 29: LJS 490 – Astronomical compendium. 15th century German collection of astronomical and astrological texts. Germany, ca. 1450. (On OPenn)

November 22: Ms. Codex 840 – Porcelii poetae clarissimi et oratoris Ortographia. 15th century Latin grammar. Italy, 1460. (On OPenn, Contextual article)

November 15: LJS 266 – La generacion de Adam. 15th century French Biblical genealogy. (On OPenn, Video Orientation) Ms. Roll 1588 – Genealogical chronicle fragment. 15th century English chronicle with genealogy of Henry VI. (On OPenn)

November 8: Ms. Codex 2032 – Prieres de la messe. Book of prayers for a lay reader’s private use during the Mass. France, last quarter of the 18th century. (On OPenn)

November 1: LJS 418 – Passio sancti Blasii … etc. An account of the martyrdom of Saint Blaise, bishop of Sebaste in Armenia, followed by readings and chants for a Mass of Saint Blaise. Italy, 13th century. (On OPenn, Video Orientation, Blog post) (Also the Guidonian hand drawing on the last folio of Ms. Codex 1248)

October 25: Medieval Ink. A introduction by Schoenberg Curator Nick Herman and Margy E. Meyerson Head of Conservation Sarah Reidell.

October 18: LJS 385 – School miscellany. Collection of classical Latin school texts in various hands. Italy, ca. 1500. (On OPenn)

October 11: LJS 242 – Basis grammatice. Summary of Latin grammar. Paris, 1470. (On OPenn, Video Orientation)

October 4: Ms. Codex 201 – New Testament in the translation of John Wycliffe. A New Testament in the translation of John Wycliffe, including marginal glosses in Latin and Old English. England, 14th-15th century. (On OPenn)

September 27: Ms. Codex 724 – Biblia. Vulgate Bible, with prologues for several books, illuminated initials and drolleries. France, 13th century. (On OPenn)

September 20: A Day Off (Cancelled for technical reasons)

September 13: Ms. Coll 591, folders 11-16 – Collection of Leaves and Fragments. Continuing our journey through this varied collection of individual leaves and fragments, including binding waste. Dates and locations vary. (On OPenn, then search page for “ms. coll. 591”)

August 30: Ms. Codex 69 – Miscellany of scientific treatises. A 15th century German collection of scientific, alchemical, and medical works. (On OPenn)

August 23: Ms. Codex 723 – Panormia. A 12th century copy of a text on canon law by Ivo of Chartres. France, 12th century. (On OPenn)

August 16: Ms. Codex 6 – Persii opera. A 15th century copy of the Satires of Persius, glossed with a commentary in the margins. Italy, second half of the 15th century. (On OPenn)

August 9: Ms. Coll 591, folders 1-10 – Collection of Leaves and Fragments. A varied collection of individual leaves and fragments, including binding waste. Dates and locations vary. (On OPenn, then search page for “ms. coll. 591”)

July 26: LJS 194 – Geometria. A mid-12th century collection of geometrical texts, including a treatise on the construction of astrolabes. Bavaria, mid-12th century. (On OPenn, Virtual Orientation)

July 19: Oversize LJS 473 – L’arte del navegare. A 15th century Venetian treatise on ships and shipbuilding. Venice, 1464 and 1465. (On OPenn)

July 12: LJS 429 – De philosophia naturali. A late 15th century German illustrated introduction to natural philosophy. Mainz? Germany, late 15th c. (On OPenn, Informational Article)

June 28: Ms. Codex 1058 – Glossed psalter. The Book of Psalms with extensive, mostly unattributed, interlinear and marginal glosses, followed by canticles with glosses. It’s tiny! France, ca 1100. (On OPenn, Video orientation)

June 21: Ms. Codex 196 – English religious poems. Collection of three devotional works in metrical verse: the seven penitential psalms, The Prick of Conscience, and Saint Anselm’s Lament. England, ca. 1400. (On OPenn, Online edition of “Saint Anselm’s Lament”)

June 14: LJS 60 – Cosmographia. Geographical work describing the populated areas of Europe, northern Africa, and western Asia as known to the historian and geographer Strabo. Italy, between 1440 and 1450. (On OPenn, Video orientation)

June 7: Oversize LJS 24 – Medical miscellany. A collection of standard 13th-century medical texts with inhabited initials showing medical scenes. Paris, mid-13th century. (On OPenn, Video orientation, Article)

May 31: LJS 225 – Litterarum simulationis liber. Presentation copy for Pope Callistus III of a work on cryptography. Rome, between 1455 and 1458. (On OPenn, Video orientation, Online presentation, Digital project)

May 24: LJS 264 – Ymage du monde. Summary of all knowledge, divided into 3 parts on the creation of the world and man, geography, and astronomy. France, ca. 1400. (On OPenn, Video orientation)

May 17: revisiting LJS 449 and LJS 463 (See February 8 for links)

May 10: Oversize LJS 419 – Erbario. 15th century illustrated herbal with three styles of illustration, one earlier artist and two later ones. Northern Italy, 15th c. (On OPenn, Video presentation)

May 3: Ms. Codex 1881 – Astronomical treatises and tables. Late 15th-century collection of Latin astronomical treatises. Germany, 1481. (On OPenn, Video orientation, Article, Online exhibition)

April 26: Ms. Codex 1869 – Book of hours. Late 15th century French book of hours, badly damaged and reconstructed in the late 19th c. (On OPenn, Unboxing video, blog posts)

April 12: Ms. Codex 688 – Book of hours. 16th century Italian Book of hours of the Virgin Mary written in a clear Humanist script. Italy, 16th c. (On OPenn, Blog post by Dr Nicholas Herman)

April 5: Ms. Codex 902 – Chansonnier. Collection of 310 poems by Guillaume de Machaut, Oton de Grandson, Brisebare de Douai, Eustache Deschamps, Philippe de Vitry, and others. France, ca. 1400. (On OPenn, Presentation by Dr. Elizavita Strakhov, Article by Dr. Elizavita Strakhov)

March 29: Ms. Codex 2030 – Book of Hours. Early 16th century French book of hours with incomplete miniatures. France, possibly Paris, early 16th century.

March 22: Oversize Ms. Codex 665 – Statutes. 14th century copy of the of the Order of the Ship, founded in Naples in 1381 by King Carlo III ‘di Durazzo’. France, between 1381 and 1386. (On OPenn)

March 15: Ms. Codex 107 – Cartulary. 13th century copy of the Cartulary of the monastery of San Andrés de Fanlo in Aragon, thought lost after 1940, but now at Penn. Spain, after 1256. (On OPenn, Article on the manuscript include a list of contents, published in 1964 (in Spanish))

March 8: LJS 216 – Tractatum de spera … etc. 13th century collection of three scientific works by Johannes de Sacrobosco – on the spheres (the medieval conception of the world, based on the work of Ptolemy), on Arabic numerals, and a treatise criticizing the Julian calendar. France, ca. 1256-1276. (On OPenn, Video orientation)

March 1: Oversize LJS 47 – De institutione musica. 15th-century copy of a Latin treatise on the Pythagorean-based theory of ancient Greek music, in which the text reflects an older (10th-century) tradition and the numerous diagrams related to ratio and pitch demonstrate later developments in the tradition. France, ca. 1490. (On OPenn, Video orientation, Dissertation)

February 22: LJS 49 – Rawḍat al-adhhān fī maʻrifat tashrīḥ badan al-insān. / روضة الاذهان في معرفة تشريح بدن الانسان. Copy, probably in the hand of the author, of an anatomy treatise originally written in 1396, with chapters on bones, nerves, veins, arteries and muscles, and complex organs. Persia, A.H. 813 (1411). (On OPenn, Video orientation)

February 15: LJS 57, Astronomical anthology. Collection of astronomical texts, including a copy of a treatise on the calendar originally compiled for Pedro IV, King of Aragon. Catalonia, ca. 1361. (On OPenn, Video orientation, Informational article)

February 8: LJS 449 and LJS 463, Medical and astronomical miscellany and Medical and astrological miscellany. Two 15th century German medical, astrological, and astronomical miscellanies. (LJS 449 on OPenn, LJS 449 Video orientation, LJS 449 Sacred Texts: Codices Far, Far Away; LJS 463 on OPenn, LJS 463 Video introduction)

February 1: Ms. Codex 725, Fasciculus temporum. World and church history to the election of Pope Sixtus IV in 1471, with diagrams and drawings throughout the text. Italy, 15th c. (On OPenn)

January 25: LJS 101, Periermenias Aristotelis … etc. 9th-century copy of Boethius’s Latin translation of Aristotle’s De interpretatione. France, 9th c. (On OPenn, Video orientation, Blog post)