Advisory Council

Current Members

Sean Quimby – Penn Libraries

Nicholas Herman – Penn Libraries

Lynn Ransom – Penn Libraries

Constantia Constantinou – Penn Libraries

Barbara Brizdle

Eric Schoenberg

Emily Steiner – University of Pennsylvania

Lisa Fagin Davis – Medieval Academy of America and Simmons College

Alberto Campagnolo – Université Catholique de Louvain

Elly Truitt – University of Pennsylvania

Eva Del Soldato – University of Pennsylvania

Evyn Kropf – University of Michigan

Past Members

Lawrence J. Schoenberg†

David Brafman – J. Paul Getty Research Institute

Paul Cobb – University of Pennsylvania

Christopher de Hamel – Cambridge University

Martin Foys – University of Wisconsin

Charles J. Henry – Council on Library and Information Resources

Eric Johnson – The Ohio State University

Jeffrey Kallberg – University of Pennsylvania

Arthur Kiron – Penn Libraries

Ada Kuskowski – University of Pennsylvania

Richard Linenthal – Independent bookseller

James Marrow – Princeton University

Justin McDaniel – University of Pennsylvania

Stephen G. Nichols – Johns Hopkins University

William G. Noel – Penn Libraries

Janine Pollock – Free Library of Philadelphia

Emily Rose Marrow – Independent scholar

Peter Stallybrass – University of Pennsylvania

Ruth Sutton – Penn Libraries

Michael B. Toth – R.B. Toth Associates

Whitney Trettien – University of Pennsylvania

Kelly Tuttle – Penn Libraries

Stuart Varner – University of Pennsylvania

Christa Williford – Council on Library and Information Resources

Tina Skov Cowan – Penn Libraries (Ex officio)

Doug Emery – Penn Libraries (Ex officio)

Mitch Fraas – Penn Libraries (Ex officio)

Amey Hutchins – Penn Libraries (Ex officio)

David McKnight – Penn Libraries (Ex officio)

Dot Porter – Penn Libraries (Ex officio)

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