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Coffee with a Codex

Join us for an informal visit with curators and manuscripts from Penn’s collections

Every Monday at 12pm EST we host an informal lunch or coffee Zoom meeting (depending on your time zone) to visit virtually with Kislak Curator Dot Porter, onsite at the Kislak Center, and talk about one of the manuscripts from Penn’s collections. Each week Dot will bring out a manuscript (or two), give a brief overview and then answer questions and lead conversation. Registration is required but the visits are open to everybody.

March 8: Science

On March 8 we’ll look at LJS 216, a 13th century collection of three scientific works. Register to attend at

March 15: Cartulary

On March 15 we’ll look at Ms. Codex 107, a 13th century copy of the Cartulary of the monastery of San Andrés de Fanlo in Aragon. Register to attend at

March 22: Statutes

On March 22 we’ll look at Oversize Ms. Codex 665, a 14th century copy of the of the Order of the Ship, founded in Naples in 1381 by King Carlo III ‘di Durazzo’. Register to attend at

Manuscripts featured in past Coffee with a Codex events.

January 25 – LJS 101, Periermenias Aristotelis … etc. 9th-century copy of Boethius’s Latin translation of Aristotle’s De interpretatione. France, 9th c. (On OPenn, Video orientation, Blog post)

February 1 – Ms. Codex 725, Fasciculus temporum. World and church history to the election of Pope Sixtus IV in 1471, with diagrams and drawings throughout the text. Italy, 15th c. (On OPenn)

February 8 – LJS 449 and LJS 463, Medical and astronomical miscellany and Medical and astrological miscellany. Two 15th century German medical, astrological, and astronomical miscellanies. (LJS 449 on OPenn, LJS 449 Video orientation, LJS 449 Sacred Texts: Codices Far, Far Away; LJS 463 on OPenn, LJS 463 Video introduction)

February 15 – LJS 57, Astronomical anthology. Collection of astronomical texts, including a copy of a treatise on the calendar originally compiled for Pedro IV, King of Aragon. Catalonia, ca. 1361. (On OPenn, Video orientation, Informational article)

February 22 – LJS 49 – Rawḍat al-adhhān fī maʻrifat tashrīḥ badan al-insān. / روضة الاذهان في معرفة تشريح بدن الانسان. Copy, probably in the hand of the author, of an anatomy treatise originally written in 1396, with chapters on bones, nerves, veins, arteries and muscles, and complex organs. Persia, A.H. 813 (1411). (On OPenn, Video orientation)

March 1 – Oversize LJS 47 – De institutione musica. 15th-century copy of a Latin treatise on the Pythagorean-based theory of ancient Greek music, in which the text reflects an older (10th-century) tradition and the numerous diagrams related to ratio and pitch demonstrate later developments in the tradition. France, ca. 1490. (On OPenn, Video orientation, Dissertation)