Coffee with a Codex

Join us for an informal visit with curators and manuscripts from Penn’s collections

Every Wednesday at 12pm EST / 5pm GMT we host an informal lunch or coffee Zoom meeting (depending on your time zone) to visit virtually with Kislak Curator Dot Porter, onsite at the Kislak Center, and talk about one of the manuscripts from Penn’s collections. Each week Dot will bring out a manuscript (or two), give a brief overview and then answer questions and lead conversation. Registration is required but the visits are open to everybody.

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Which manuscripts did we feature in 2021? Find out here.

February 2: Canon law

On February 2 we’ll bring out Ms. Codex 1059, a 13th century compilation of canon law made by Raymond of Peñafort by order of Pope Gregory IX. Register to attend:

February 9: Medicine & Magic

On February 9 we’ll look at LJS 470, a 16th century collection of medical recipes, folk remedies, charms, and spells, written in Hebrew. Register to attend:

February 6: Medicine & Lope de Vega in manuscript

On February 16 we welcome guest hosts John Pollack and Roger Chartier. They’ll show us Ms. Codex 63 and Ms. Codex 188, two autograph copies of works by Lope de Vega Carpio. Register to attend:

January 26: Forgeries. Several items were looked at, including LJS 33. See the blog post and recording of the event for details (Blog post, CWAC Recording)

January 19: Ms. Codex 761 – Cosmographies. a copy of four ancient Greek cosmographies in Latin translation. Italy, ca. 1500. (On OPenn, CWAC Recording)

January 12: Ms. Codex 1057 – Ferial psalter. Ferial psalter, including 150 psalms plus several additional prayers and illuminated initials. Tyrol, 14th c. (On OPenn, RBS Lightning Talk)