Digital Mappa: Tools For Digital Annotation and Linking


Digital Mappa (DM for short) is a freely available and open-source online environment for the collection and curation of digital images and texts. The premise of DM is simple and powerful: if you have a collection of digital images and/or texts, you should be able to produce an online resource that links together specific moments on these images and texts together, annotate these moments as much as you want, and make this work public and searchable with little or no technological fuss or expertise.

The Schoenberg Institute has been a home and a supporter of Digital Mappa for several years. DM 1.0 is set to be officially released in early 2018. SIMS is hosting three DM legacy projects and will be developing new projects as well. Note: DM 1.0 projects must be viewed with a Chrome browser on a laptop or desktop computer (DM 2.0, currently under development, will expand viewing platforms for projects):

The main project site for DM is, please visit there for up-to-date information about the DM project development,  and for instructions for how to set up and use DM for your own projects.



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