Cambridge, Pembroke College 25: A Transcription

Originally supported by a major  grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the project now continues as a collaborative effort by a dozen scholars to transcribe one of the most significant Latin manuscripts of the Late Anglo-Saxon period.  Pembroke College 25, Cambridge, contains ninety-six Latin sermons composed on the continent in the ninth century. It is the  earliest and best surviving witness to a sermon collection  known as the Homiliary of Saint-Père de Chartres. As the basis for writing sermons in Old English to be preached to the laity,  Pembroke 25 bridges the worlds of Carolingian and Anglo-Saxon learning and dramatizes the close interrelations between Latin and Old English literature. Though recognized as a crucial document of Carolingian intellectual history and of late Anglo-Saxon preaching some sixty of its ninety-six texts remain unpublished and unstudied. In its current physical state Pembroke 25 is fragile, requiring special care and limited access.
Pembroke 25 3rPembroke 25 3vPembroke 25 4rPembroke 25 4vPembroke 25 5rPembroke 25 5v

The Schoenberg Institute for Manuscript Studies (University of Pennsylvania) is the home for this project.  The project has the support of Pembroke College, Cambridge.

Transcription Team:

Rachel  Anderson Jonathan Davis-Secord
Amey Hutchins Alex Devine
Timothy C. Graham Stephen Barker
Leslie Lockett Damian Fleming
Rebecca Stephenson

Special Contributions:

Thomas N. Hall on Sources of the Manuscript

Thomas N. Hall on Contents of the Manuscript

Rebecca Rushforth on Description of the Manuscript

Directors of the project are Dot Porter and Paul E. Szarmach

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